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Не могу найти модель Syka001 , в Bonga чате она есть, а в Stripchat нет, добавьте пожалуйста..
Редко синхронизируется сайт, некоторые модели давно онлайн, а тут показывает они не в сети..
If a model is not on the site, then
1) she got removed
2) she opt-out on the webcam site
la modelo es i_am_nella, de chaturbate, y lleva meses transmitiendo, pero también he visto que modelos que transmitieron hace meses y sin haber durado mucho tiempo, tienen capturas aquí
Considering that you can already search for it. Should the information be displayed as well?
For example, if you search for Russia, Russian, Argentina, Greece, … it will show models that have it stated somewhere in their profile.
Отличная идея, было бы удобно искать моделей по стране...
you don't need to obfuscate the url.
I can do that, however the original size stored isn't much larger.
Yes and no.

How often have you seen a model putting their real country in. And technically you can search for it. The tag based search indexes everything that is provided by the API, which includes the country.