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Hello thank you for your job ! I would like to know why search by tags and then recent don't work since september. And why topics also desapeared (this is probably why we cannot search by tags) . Thank you
В Bonga и других чатах некоторые модели давно онлайн, а тут показывает они не в сети..
there are all the sites but cam4 is not here, you can add the site cam4 !
the tag search has broken down: now it is impossible to find a girl by the name that is written in "Real Name" in her profile on the chaturbate website and on the stripchat website in the profile line "Name:" (a two week ago everything worked fine)
are private messages visible to site administrators? and if not, where can I write about the bug?
No conozco bien el funcionamiento, pero quisiera añadir una modelo que está activa pero cuyas capturas no encuentro
testers are gonna test
go to cam)girl)finder).com (take out the ")'s"...they have a pretty good face search also you can cross refrence with the face)check).id website...that works for amatuers people you know and well any face you can find.
Please make the Thumbnails to click on the picture to enlarge, thank you best site ever.
another test
me too